Peer Mentoring

Hailee Gibadlo Morse YC 21

Hailee is majoring in E&EB track 1 and hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree in Forestry as well.  She works as a Botany Tour Guide for the Peabody Museum and is also a Yale Academic Strategies Peer Mentor. She spent last summer on a peony farm in Alaska which sparked her Interest in farming and inspired her to one day have her own farm.  In her free time, she enjoys running and hiking!

Zachary Gold Grace Hopper YC21

Zach is a junior in Hopper majoring in E&EB on Track 1, and he does research in the Staver Lab on projects related to savanna ecology and plant ecology. Outside of that, Zach also works on the Yale Farm, is a science tour guide, tutors in New Haven schools with the group RISE, and plays the double bass. Zach is passionate about urban green spaces and urban agriculture in and around New Haven and enjoys spending time in East Rock State Park as well as finding other similarly beautiful areas around campus.

Angele Kelly Davenport YC21

Angele is majoring in E&EB, is pre-med and is working to receive the Advanced Language Certificate in Spanish. She plans to go on to medical school and then become an orthopedic surgeon. She spends her summers working in hospitals with high-risk suicide patients. She is on the varsity track and field team and also in Taps @Yale.

Krish Maypole Grace Hopper YC21

Krish does research in the Jetz Lab, studying how climate change disrupts migration patterns. Outside of research, Krish the captain of Yale Men’s Club Volleyball and a leader for Yale’s First-year Outdoor Orientation trips (FOOT). He also enjoys exploring the world – binoculars in hand – in search of birds!

Chau Pham Jonathan Edwards YC21

Chau is a junior interested in tropical ecology. She has done research with Professor Erika Edwards on ecological niche modeling of Viburnum plants in Mexico and is working with Professor Mark Ashton at the School of Forestry on the vertical stratification of a South Asian forest. Chau also works at the Marsh Botanical Garden and is the Political Chair of the Vietnamese Students Association at Yale.

Anthony Sarkiss Pauli Murray YC21

Anthony is interested in ecological restoration and systems thinking, and hopes to get an MESc from the Yale School of Forestry after graduation. He has worked in molecular plant biology and botany, and loves marine/wetland ecosystems. He is also passionate about languages and mycoremediation, and hopes to dig deeper into the cultural understandings of ecology and their implications on natural resources.

Anna Reside Timothy Dwight YC21

Anna is a rising senior who has worked in Dr. David Post’s aquatic ecology lab for the last three years.  She studies how wildlife subsides from migrating animals and changing landscape uses affect the stability of aquatic communities.  Anna is broadly interested in large-scale ecosystem dynamics and the interface between human and natural systems.  In addition to extensive field and lab work, she has worked in Alaska and East Africa on community based natural resource management  projects. In her free time, she likes to rock climb.