Brown Bottle Colloquium speakers (through spring 2013)

The EEB Brown Bottle Colloquium will be held on Fridays in ESC 110, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., followed by a Happy Hour. Please feel free to bring something to eat.

01/18/13 Billy Requena
“Male parental investment, sex roles, and sexual selection”
(45 minute seminar)
01/25/13 Katie Scranton
“A Bayesian framework for fitting stochastic stage-structured population models”
(45 minute seminar)

Teresa Feo
“Theoretic morphology of feather asymmetry: Present results and future directions”
(20 minute seminar)

02/08/13 Gordon Bennett POSTPONED TO 03/04/13
”Historical biogeography and ecological opportunity in the adaptive radiation of native Hawaiian leafhoppers (Cicadellidae: Nesophrosyne)”
(45 minute seminar)

Dan Wieczynski
“Competition in colored noise environments”
(20 minute seminar)

David Williams
“Patterns of gene evolution in Bacteria and Archaea inferred by comparative genomics”
(20 minute seminar)


Kendra Pesko
“Experimental evolution of VSV cancer therapy candidates in prostate cancer cell lines”
(20 minute seminar)

Brian Wasik
“Viral adaptation in response to innate immunity”
(20 minute seminar)


Panel discussion
“Finding the right postdoc position”
Dan Edwards, Ron Eytan, David Post, and Paul Turner

03/04/13 Gordon Bennett
“Adaptive radiation and symbiosis in native Hawaiian leafhoppers”
(45 minute seminar)
03/08/13 Dan Edwards
“Integrative approaches to studying biogeography and the interaction between ecology, phenotype, and evolutionary history”
(45 minute seminar)
03/15 & 03/22/13 SPRING BREAK

Bethany Wasik
“Spot on! Insights into the genetic basis of eyespot number evolution in butterfly wings”
(20 minute seminar)

Magnus Huss
“Niche construction by a novel life history type drives prey selection and performance in a competing species”
(20 minute seminar)


Daniel Goldhill
“Something something something virus, something something something evolution…”
(20 minute seminar)

Jason Shapiro
“Modeling the effects of horizontal transmission on the evolution of beneficial symbionts”
(20 minute seminar)


Jake Musser
“Investigating the homology of feathers and scales with high throughput genomics”
(20 minute seminar)

Waldan Kwong
“Symbiosis in the bee gut microbiome: From discovery to model system”
(20 minute seminar)


Amanda Subalusky
“Animal migrations, resource subsidies, and ecosystem function”
(20 minute seminar)

KT Mertes
“Detecting characteristic grains of species-environment relationships in East African birds”
(20 minute seminar)


Natalie Pilakouta
“Predator-induced plasticity in female mate preferences in the green swordtail, Xiphophorus helleri”
(20 minute seminar)

Valerie Morley
“Adaptation to different rates of environmental change in an RNA virus”
(20 minute seminar)

Fall 2012
08/31/12 Semester Social.
There will be no talk, and refreshments will be served.
09/07/12 Discussion: Preparing an Academic Job Application – Paul Turner, Stephen Stearns, Suzanne Alonzo
09/14/12 Susanna Messinger
“Space: The final frontier of predator evolution”
(45 minute seminar)
09/21/12 Long-toed SalamanderJosh Williams
“When molecules and morphology clash: revisiting species tree reconstruction of ambystomatid salamanders using multiple nuclear loci.”
(45 minute seminar)
09/28/12 No colloquium; EEB FALL RETREAT
10/05/12 Discussion: Designing a Job Talk – Antónia Monteiro, David Vasseur, Jeffrey Powell
10/12/12 Mark Sistrom
“Cranking up the data: Species tree estimation in the whole genome era”
10/19/12 Todd Harvey
“Spatially – and directionally – varying reflectance of milli-scale feather morphology” (45 minute seminar)
10/26/12 NO CLASSES (October Break)
11/02/12 Andrew Moeller
“Geographic isolation promotes the divergence of great ape gut communities” (20 minute seminar)

Charlotte Jandér
“Host sanctions and pollinator cheating in the fig tree – fig wasp mutualism” (20 minute seminar)

11/09/12 Discussion: Job Interview Preparation – Günter Wagner, Thomas Near, Richard Prum

Dan Sloan
“Genomic interactions in an ancient insect-bacteria symbiosis” (45 minute seminar)

11/23/12 NO CLASSES (Thanksgiving)
11/30/12 J.J. Weis
“Which diversity matters? Relative influences of inter- and intra-specific diversity” (20 minute seminar)
Please Note: Due to a cancellation, there will be no second talk, and Happy Hour will begin at 4:00.
12/07/12 Ron Eytan
“Pop G and building trees: Molecular systematics and population genetics of fishes” (45 minute seminar)
12/14/12 Discussion: Job Negotiations (last Brown Bottle of the semester)
Spring 2012
1/9/12 John DeLong, PDA, Vasseur Lab Allometry, body size plasticity, and population dynamics: An integrated approach
1/16/12 No Seminar  
1/23/12 Petr Keil, PDA, Jetz Lab Sources of uncertainty in geographical ecology: What happens if we have data on everything?

No Seminar

2/6/12 Christopher Clark, PDA, Prum Lab Courtship displays, feather “songs,” and the aeroacoustics of animal flight
2/13/12 Vinny Lynch, Assoc Rsrch Scientist Gene regulatory evolution during the origin of pregnancy in mammals
2/20/12 Ashley Shade, PDF, MCDB Microbial communities in time
2/27/12 Morgane Barbet-Massin, PDA, Jetz Lab Predicting the potential impact of climate change on global bird functional diversity

No Seminar

3/12/12 No Seminar  
3/19/12 Dan Rosauer, PDA, Jetz Lab Toward a predictive model of phylogenetic beta diversity for conservation

No Seminar

4/2/12 No Seminar  

Postdoc Get-Together

Feedback and planning for Fall 2012

4/16/12 Brian Wasik, PDA, Turner Lab Adaptation and emergence in RNA virus populations
4/23/12 Ning Li, PDA, Townsend Lab Profiling diverse levels of natural selection across regions of coding gene sequences
4/30/12 Zakee Sabree, PDA, Moran Lab Intimate microbial associations and dictyopteran evolution
5/7/12 Melanie Monroe, PDA, Alonzo Lab The tempo and mode of evolution in mammals and birds