Yale’s historic contribution to ecology research noted

August 18, 2015

EEB Professor David Post and two alumni are among authors of the most Notable Papers of the Last Century compiled by the Ecology Society of America (ESA) as part of their centennial celebration. The list was based on the number of times each paper has been cited and the number of online views it has received - measuring the impact and influence of the papers on ecology.

Papers include: 

David Post’s 2002 paper “Using stable isotopes to estimate trophic position: models, methods, and assumptions” (Ecology 83:703-718). This paper clarified a number of practical and conceptual problems with the application of stable isotopes, and in doing so helped create a revolution in the use of stable isotopes in ecology and evolution. It has been cited over 2600 times according to Google Scholar. 

ESA also recognized a paper by the late Raymond L. Lindeman and three papers by the late Robert McArthur, both of whom worked with the late G. Evelyn Hutchinson at Yale. 

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