EEB Graduate Student Interviewed on “Science Friday” and “Quirks & Quarks”

March 25, 2024

Yale University’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is abuzz with excitement as one of its own, Chase Brownstein, was recently featured on two prominent radio programs. Brownstein, a graduate student and researcher within the department, was interviewed on NPR’s Science Friday and CBC’s Quirks and Quarks, where he discussed groundbreaking findings in the realm of evolutionary biology. The segments focused on Brownstein’s work unraveling the mysteries of the genome of the gar, a living fossil with a lineage dating back over 100 million years.

During the interviews, Brownstein delved into the intricacies of the gar genome, shedding light on its unique evolutionary adaptations and offering insights into the broader implications for understanding vertebrate evolution. His expertise and compelling explanations captivated audiences, showcasing the innovative research being conducted within Yale’s EEB department. Brownstein’s appearances on these esteemed platforms not only highlight his contributions to the field but also underscore the department’s commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering public engagement with cutting-edge research.