The Ecology of Food

Food and ecology are inextricably linked, both in the production of domesticated food through agriculture and livestock, and in the harvesting of wild plants and animals. Furthermore, the production and consumption of food has downstream consequences through energy consumption, food waste, trophic interactions and the transportation of food around the globe. These topics link to many of the fundamental concepts of ecology, including population biology, the niche, trophic interactions, nitrogen cycling and the effects on biodiversity. In this class we explore each of these topics intensively through a combination of lectures, readings and interactive field trips to local ecosystems, the Marsh and Yale Biology Building greenhouses, the Yale Sustainable Farm, and local food producers. The course meets twice a week: for 50 minutes for a combination of lecture and discussion, and for 110 minutes for field trips and guest lectures.

1 Yale College course credit(s)

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E&EB 035
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