Topics in Vertebrate Ecomorphology

Ecomorphology is a field that bridges ecology and evolutionary biology. Researchers studying organisms’ ecomorphology ask questions like, “What does the morphology of an organism tell us about its relationship with its environment” and “How are correlations between morphology and ecology influenced by behavior?” The answers to questions like these inform evolutionary hypotheses based on natural selection and help to explain the amazing diversity of life forms that surround us. In this course, we explore the links between organismal form, function, ecology, and evolution using a series of readings and guided discussions. Students also learn many of the fundamentals associated with crafting and revising publishable scientific writing–a must for those seeking research-based graduate education in the sciences. By the end of the semester, students refine their critical thinking and scientific writing skills, and they have a newfound awareness of one of the most integrative and fascinating branches of vertebrate biology.

1 credit for Yale College students

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E&EB 375
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