The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University is home to broad, interdisciplinary and highly collaborative research with particular expertise in population, community, ecosystem, and macroecology; in evolutionary genetics, developmental evolution, behavioral evolution, and evolutionary medicine; and in phylogenetics, systematics, and biodiversity.  We are committed to producing world-class scientists, educators and professionals through undergraduate and graduate education. 


September 19, 2016
The Yale-led Map of Life project and The Field Museum in Chicago have won a $300,000 MacArthur Foundation grant to support conservation decisions in South America. The two...
September 7, 2016
The Journal of Experimental Zoology has published a paper by Yale EEB Professor Gunter Wagner on the evolutionary origin of the female orgasm.  He and co-author, Mihaela...
May 23, 2016
Congratulations to Teresa Feo, Waldan Kwong, Andrew Moeller, Jacob Musser, Amanda Subalusky and Derek West.