November 2015

April 19, 2002 to April 19, 2017
3:00pm EEB Seminar Series:“West Nile virus: Ecology and Evolution an Invasive Virus in Connecticut” Philip Armstrong, Research Scientist, The Connecticut Experiment Station Jeffrey Powell
November 4, 2015
3:30pm EEB Seminar Series-"Mutation and selection within and between clonal organisms" Maria Orive Associate Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Faculty Ombudsman/Ombuds office, Univeristy of Kansas Paul Turner
November 13, 2015
9:30am PhD Defense Seminar - Animal Migrations and Resource Subsidies Influence River Ecosystem Dynamics Amanda Subalusky
November 18, 2015
3:30pm EEB Seminar Series-“Phloem transport: Moving carbohydrates from leaves to roots in long vines and tall trees” Noel Michele Holbrook Professor, Harvard University, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Carla Staver